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Business Enterprise Program (BEP)

Our commitment to BEP

Our commitment to BEP

Aetna Better Health® of Illinois is committed to supplier diversity and fulfilling the objectives of the Business Enterprise Program (BEP). The BEP was established by the State of Illinois in 1989 to promote open access in the awarding of State contracts to disadvantaged small business enterprises. Its aim is to expand access and opportunity for qualifying minority, persons with disability and female-owned businesses to increase capacity, grow revenue and enhance their credentials.


At Aetna Better Health of Illinois, we firmly believe that the diverse perspectives and experiences of BEP-certified vendors leads to innovation, enterprise success, and community advancement. Supplier diversity is at the core of our vendor procurement business framework. BEP-certified vendors are considered for all health plan contracting opportunities and prioritized for fulfillment of new business needs.


BEP Certification requirements and process


To qualify, your business must:


  • Be at least 51% owned and controlled by a person(s) who is minority, disabled or female
  • Be owned by a United States citizen or undocumented resident
  • Have annual gross sales of less than $75 million
  • Get application approval from Illinois CMS


Go to to apply. The review process can take up to 60 or more days. If you need help with your application, you can:


Interested in providing goods or services to our health plan?


Submit your information via our Vendor Engagement Survey. Please make sure it's comprehensive and accurate. We'll contact you within 30 days to confirm receipt and let you know about any available business opportunities based on your survey responses. Your information will also be added to our internal vendor repository. This is the first place vendors are sourced for all new opportunities. 


Note: Please ensure your information is comprehensive and accurate.

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