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Our care managers are here for you. Care managers are nurses, social workers and licensed counselors. They understand your health conditions and can help you get the care you need.

Have a question? 

You can call Member Services at 1-866-329-4701 (TTY: 711).  

What does a care manager do?

What does a care manager do?

Care managers teach you about your health conditions and ways to take care of yourself. They also teach you about your benefits and connect you with local resources. Your care manager can help you:


  • Find a primary care physician

  • Schedule doctors’ visits

  • Find specialists and behavioral health services near your home

  • Get rides to your doctor, drug store or hospital

  • Get medical and dental services, supplies and equipment

  • Provide you with community resources and educational materials

  • Plan your pregnancy 

  • Make sure you’re getting the services you need

Service management

Service management

Aetna Better Health® of Illinois provides service management for members with special health care needs. Service management will help you plan and manage your child’s physical and behavioral health needs. You may be assigned a care manager after you enroll in Aetna Better Health of Illinois. If you weren’t assigned a care manager, you can ask for one. 


Your care manager will:


  • Help you identify your child’s health care needs and services

  • Complete a screening on the phone with you to help decide if your child needs more help right away

  • Talk with case managers, providers, pharmacists or anyone else you say is important for your child’s care needs

  • Work with you and your child to write a service plan with actions and goals

  • Stay in contact with you to check up on your child’s health and help you use the service plan

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